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Curried Sausages _ Fantastic German Snacks

2022-09-043 minute read

Currywurst, currywurst is the most popular street food in Germany. none of them. According to statistics from the Currywurst Museum in Berlin, Germans eat about 800 million sausages every year, and 70 million in Berlin alone. It is enough to see its popularity. Despite all the heat, currywurst isn’t difficult to make: fry the sausages, cut them into sections, drizzle them in a red sauce made from tomatoes and other spices, and coat them with curry powder. Curry sausage and you’re done. In the mouth, the taste of sausage and tomato are combined into one, with a rich curry flavor, which is very addictive.

2019 marks the 70th anniversary of currywurst, and the calculations are largely based on the most widely circulated version. In addition to the mainstream version, there are other stories about the birth of sausages circulating in the market. The battle over the birthplace of currywurst “Heimat der Currywurst” has never stopped. Berlin, Hamburg and the Ruhr area, why do they feel that their land gave birth to Currywurst?

According to legend, in 1949, Ms. Herta Heuwer of West Berlin first introduced the way to eat currywurst. From British soldiers, Herte obtained spicy soy sauce and curry, which was then mixed with other spices to make a sauce and poured onto pork sausages. This snack is highly recognized by friends around.

Herta decided to share this delicacy with more people, so she opened her own stall in Charlottenburg, Berlin’s then-England district, specializing in Currywurst. Due to its low price and rich taste, curry sausage immediately caused a strong response, and it has also become an instant hit. After 10 years, she applied to the authorities and completed the patent registration of the sauce “Chillup”, that is, the tomato sauce produced after the merger of Chili Chili and Ketchup.
The “mother of currywurst” really lives up to its name in theory.

But Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city, is not convinced. In 1993, Hamburger Uwe Timm published a book, which was later made into a movie, called Die Entdeckung der Currywurst “The Birth of Currywurst”.

The Birth of Currywurst tells a WWII-era love story. Taking the love between Lena Brücker and a young navy as the timeline, it slowly comes to the romantic march of curry fragrant under the power of love in the era of insufficient food and clothing. The author mentioned that the first time he had currywurst as a child was in 1947, in Miss Lena’s shop next to the port. But compared to the time of invention that Uwe emphasized, more people are constantly feeling the double comfort brought by food and love in the war stories he created.

As we all know, the Ruhr area is one of the largest industrial areas in the world. Therefore, it is also full of confidence to fight for the birthplace of curry sausage. It is said that the dipping sauce for currywurst is an occasional invention created by a hawker in Essen. By chance, he had no intention of saying that the curry powder had spilled into the ketchup, so he had the current sauce. There is also a saying that during World War II, American soldiers stationed in Germany and missed their hometown dishes, so curry sausage came into being.

The battle over the birthplace of currywurst is not expected to end soon, but one thing is unquestionable: in the era of wartime material scarcity, currywurst captured the hearts of the public with its rich and full taste. This is also the enduring charm of Currywurst.

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