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Christmas tree decorations

2022-08-313 minute read

Speaking of Christmas, the indispensable decoration must be the Christmas tree! The family is happily decorating the Christmas tree, and the picture is always warm and harmonious. A beautiful and unique Christmas tree will also add a lot of festive atmosphere to Christmas. So, how to get a one-of-a-kind, beautiful and chic Christmas tree?

First, we have to choose a Christmas tree with the right size. Generally, there are two options on the market: real trees (mainly spruce and pine) and artificial plastic trees. The former has the aroma and texture of trees, but it is more troublesome to maintain; the latter is easy to take care of, but lacks a log atmosphere. You can choose the Christmas tree that suits you from the perspective of cost performance, quality and frequency of use.
First of all, it is necessary to choose a Christmas tree with lush branches and leaves and evenly spaced branches, so that the later decoration effect is better. If you are a novice, it is not recommended to choose a pine tree, because the pine needles are long and easy to prick your hands.

Whether it is a real tree or a plastic tree, try to choose a Christmas tree with a larger chassis. If you buy a larger pine tree, then you need to prepare a tree stand and guards! In addition, prepare a water supply device to prevent the leaves from drying up and falling off. It is best to place guards around, which will not only collect scattered leaves in time, but also ensure safety.

Choosing a theme and color is the first step in decorating your Christmas tree. Our common colors are red, gold and wood green. These three colors are not only warm Christmas colors, but also very harmonious and festive with the green of the leaves. Of course, if you want to create a “cold, simple” aesthetic, blue, white and purple are also good choices, and at the same time sprinkle some artificial snow on the branches, the atmosphere of ice and snow Christmas will come!

In terms of decoration, in addition to the same color as the theme, this year I also found a lot of DIY Christmas tree decoration ideas. It’s easy to create a one-of-a-kind, creative decoration by making clever use of knitted fabrics, magazine scraps, food packaging and glass bottles that are commonly found at home. Want a romantic and dreamy Christmas tree? There must be no less hanging stars! This time, it’s easy to decorate a pine tree by making a wooden star out of branches from the yard. You can also upgrade it by spraying paint in the desired color to make colorful stars to hang on the Christmas tree!

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