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Christmas decorations 2022

2022-08-223 minute read

At Christmas, there is no doubt that everyone will send or receive “Merry Christmas” wishes. Christmas has crossed the boundaries of religions and nationalities, and has become a festival that is quietly emerging and increasingly popular all over the world. But have you ever wondered where exactly the word “Merry Christmas” came from? After all, in most festivals in the West, “Happy” is used “Happy” instead of “Merry”, such as “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Easter”, so “Merry Christmas” “Happy” (Merry) seems particularly special.

In fact, historical records have used “Merry Christmas” since 1534, in a letter from Bishop John Fisher to Henry VIII’s chief minister Thomas Cromwell. At the very least, Europe in particular still uses “Merry” or not “Happy” to mean happy wishes. Of course, it can also be attributed to the problem of grammar lessons. “Happy” describes an inner emotional state, while “Merry” is more of a behavioral description, which is somewhat active, even boisterous. So as the meaning of the two words evolved, the use of “Merry” as a single adjective was gradually discontinued from the 18th century. The definition of “Christmas tradition” is to use the Victorian Christmas as a template, which is why this year, with the popularity of retro style, British plaid has become very popular.

As an important festival that requires special decoration, how to decorate a different Christmas atmosphere requires some new ideas and skills. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the best-selling and top-rated Christmas decorations below.

Snow Frost Berry Wreath
Decorated with faux-frosted pine cones and holly berries, and featuring shiny neon lights, this wreath was a hit with users, earning top marks for being impressed.

Blue Spruce Christmas Tree
Branch tips and shapes of classic blue spruce, subtle color changes and shape effects of realistic Colorado blue spruce. Consists of sturdy branches of light grey, teal and moss green needles with brown accents. This year’s bestseller for realistic artificial trees on Amazon.

Red Bead String Ornament
The round red wooden beads symbolize perfection, and at the same time, write your own name to signify the meaning of hope and guardianship.

Disco Ball Wreath
Periodic decor is always full of flavor, with sparkling disco ball garlands hanging from the mantelpiece or stairs, while a little flashy, adding a music-loving relaxed feel to the space.

Spruce hanging basket
A spruce hanging basket of silver feathers, pine cones, red berries, and sequins, this green lighting is a lovely and understated decor, indoors or out.

christmas dwarf
It is very suitable for traditional spiritual decoration. In folklore, the Christmas dwarf has the meaning of guarding his home and happiness, bringing good luck to the family, and is considered as a lucky thing. Colorful and cute shapes can also be used to tell stories and amuse children.

Retro hexagonal wind lantern
A retro hexagonal shape with ethnic West Asian flair, white lanterns with a black brushed finish feature pine cones and red holly berries, and LED string lights add to the joy of the seasons.

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