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Christchurch New Zealand Tourism

2022-09-224 minute read

Christchurch is located on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island, also known as the “Garden City”. It is the third largest city in New Zealand after Auckland, the largest city and Wellington, the capital. One of the main reasons why Christchurch attracts tourists from all over the world is the diversity of the city. You can enjoy a variety of rich experiences in one day: harbour sailing, shopping and entertainment, museums, monuments, parks and wineries.. . Everything!

Christchurch Botanic Garden

Located on the banks of the Avon Rvier, the botanical garden covers an area of ​​30 hectares and is planted with the best plant species at home and abroad. The Rose Garden is the heart of the botanical garden, with more than 250 varieties of roses. Both new and old varieties are displayed in front of tourists in the most appropriate environment. The adjacent herb garden was built in 1986 and has a variety of culinary and medicinal plants. Other attractions at the Christchurch Botanic Gardens include the Heather Garden, Rock Garden, Rhododendron Collection and the Cockayne Garden, which features New Zealand’s native plants.

Canterbury Museum

The Canterbury Museum is located in the center of Christchurch, and its appearance is a solemn European-style building. There are not only exhibition halls showing New Zealand’s history, nature and Maori culture and art, but also many Antarctic-related themes, such as lifelike emperor penguin sculptures, and Coracle dinghies, which were built on Disappointment Island in 1907. A lifeboat for people who are shipwrecked. At the same time, there are also many bird specimens from the South Pacific. Before July 2015, there will be a special Quake City exhibition (adult admission is NZD 10), you can also see the impact of several major earthquakes in Christchurch since September 2010 on the city, you can have a deeper understanding of Christchurch understand.

Air Force Museum

The New Zealand Air Force Museum, also known as the “Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum”, is located at Wigram, the first operating base of the Royal New Zealand Air Force. The museum opened in 1987 to preserve and showcase the history of the Royal New Zealand Air Force, allowing visitors to commemorate, inspire, learn and have fun, resulting in a rich and diverse collection. The collections in the museum include airplanes, military aircraft and spare parts, aero engines, memorabilia, art, military uniforms, pistols, medals, weapons, posters, documents and wedding dresses made of parachute fabrics, etc. Some of the collections can be traced back to the First World War. Most notable are 28 classic fighters. In addition, you can fly a simulator and experience air force life, which is very attractive to children.

Christchurch Gondola

On one side of the top of the mountain, you can overlook the scenery and coastline of Christchurch City and the snow-capped mountains in the distance, and on the other side is a beautiful bay, where many sailboats and yachts are parked. Compared to the gentle landforms of Christchurch City, the ups and downs around the cable car are more interesting. If it is too windy outside (usually New Zealand is very windy), you can enjoy a meal at the top cafe, the price is reasonable, you can choose the seat by the floor-to-ceiling window, the same two sides have different scenery. Don’t forget to go down and take the cable car downstairs, the moving cable car will take you into a cinema-like screening room, where you can watch videos about the natural history, geographical formation and human history of the Terbury region.

International Antarctic Centre

The Antarctic Center, which is close to the main airport site, is a building complex built to manage Antarctic research projects in New Zealand, the United States, and Italy. It is also a science and knowledge museum that children will love. Here you can not only learn about the history and geology of Antarctica, but also see specimens collected underwater. What’s more interesting is that the “Antarctic Storm Room” allows you to experience the coldness of the ice and snow continent. At the center you can also take an ATV lap around the Hagglund Ride for outdoor adventures.

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