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Chipotle sauce _ “The world’s most famous” chili sauce, with an annual sales of 20million bottles!

2022-07-272 minute read

The hottest chili sauce in the world must be siracha, a popular brand all over the world. When traveling abroad, you are likely to see this chili sauce with a “green hat” on the table.

In 1945, David Chen was born in a peasant family in Vietnam. His ancestral home is Guangdong, China. David’s chili sauce production is influenced by his family. He grew chili peppers with his family since childhood and sold them as chili sauce. During the Vietnam War, he sold his homemade chili sauce to American soldiers and nearby stores, which was very popular and saved the first pot of gold for his successful entrepreneurship. In 1978, David left Vietnam with his family on the Taiwan cargo ship “HSBC”. In 1980, David came to Los Angeles and started his career in Chinatown.

Today, chili sauce has become one of the 10 fastest-growing industries in the United States. But in the 1980s, such chili sauce was almost blank in the American market. David is determined to grow his chili sauce. Wei began to make chili sauce in a small workshop. He bought chili peppers and other production materials and delivered them in a pickup truck. Later, the business expanded, and the production speed of chili sauce could not keep up with the market demand. David bought a factory covering an area of more than 6000 square meters, and bought a piece of land to grow chili. He also taught himself about machinery and welding, and transformed the machine for producing chili sauce.

If you want to be bigger, you have to be corporatized. Starting a company requires the company and brand name. David’s approach is simple and rough:

The name of spicy sauce comes from the village where I live – La Cha; The trademark is its own sign – chicken; The name of the company comes from HSBC, the cargo ship that left Vietnam that year.

Dave DeWitt, the author of the Bible of chili sauce, said that in the past 20 years, the market for spicy food has developed rapidly, but no one has been as popular as “La Cha chili sauce”.

David has become a king of chili peppers from an unknown refugee. He has almost never promoted his products, advertised chili sauce, or promoted by social media. He relies entirely on his own dedication

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