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Business travel _ The world’s most beautiful North Island Road in Scotland

2022-07-282 minute read

Scotland’s road, called North Coast 500, was officially opened, with a total length of 804 kilometers. It circled the coastline of northern Scotland, including all the beautiful scenery of the whole highland. At that time, Prince Charles hoped to use a road to show the beautiful scenery of Scotland and let more tourists experience the style, food and local activities here. So he led and supported the construction of this highway around the Scottish Highlands…

Now, nc500 has been rated as one of the six most beautiful coastal routes in the world.

Starting from Inverness, this highway in northern Scotland connects the eastern, northern and western coasts of the Highlands for the first time. Along the way, there are mountains, castles, beaches and lakes. You can drive, ride a bike or have enough feet to walk… (inexperienced friends, please don’t try it easily), which gives visitors a feast for the eyes.

Dunrobin castle is a castle located in the northern Scottish Highlands of England. With up to 189 rooms, it is the largest castle in the northern highlands. Dunrobin castle is also the largest Castle inherited by Great Britain since the 1300’s.

Climb Mount Carlton, look at Edinburgh Castle in the west to guard the whole city, and look at the white sails on the Atlantic Ocean and Fuchs Bay in the East. After that, we will come to Prince Street, which is only 1.5 kilometers long, but is known as “the most scenic street in the world”.

The two ends of the Royal Mile parallel to Prince Street connect Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood palace, the two most important scenic spots in Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle is one of the most famous ancient castles in Europe and has always been the spiritual symbol of Scotland. Holyrood palace is the royal residence of the British king of Scotland. It replaced Edinburgh as the main residence of the royal family in the early 16th century. In the afternoon, you can walk on the streets of Edinburgh at will and feel this tourist city known as the most beautiful city in Europe.

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