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Bungalow _ 140 ㎡ log bungalow apartment

2022-07-2755 second read

In the whole bungalow space, wood color is the main tone, jumping out of the original old mode to create a minimalist living space.

The connection between the kitchen and the living room makes the whole bungalow space wider. The inclined terrace fully exposes the whole outdoor scenery, and the indoor cactus decoration increases the vitality of the bungalow space.

The integration of white and log color reflects the full furniture atmosphere, and the log color Island highlights the woodiness of the whole space. There is a long wooden corridor in front of the master bedroom. The creation of wooden elements produces a full furniture atmosphere, and also shows the designer’s control over details.

The grille design of the main bedroom of the bungalow creates a sense of space, and the wood grille design also plays a separating role in the whole space. The white bathroom also highlights the minimalist design style of the house. The simple and textured guest room design does not have too many decorations. The black bedding improves the texture of the whole space and creates a comfortable home atmosphere.

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