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Botanical _ Young people become addicted to indoor gardening?

2022-07-273 minute read

Nowadays, on foreign social media, there are a group of influential KOLs, plantfans. Most of them are millennials and Z generation. They raise hundreds of plants in their own homes and give them personalized names. They have won many fans by sharing green plant cultivation suggestions. For example, the sill account with 830000 fans on INS, a New York store specializing in selling all kinds of green plants, has both physical stores and online stores. The official website will classify plants according to whether they are friendly to animals, light intensity, water demand, etc. the types of green plants are very complete and have received a lot of praise.

In addition, Tony Le Britton, a British horticultural creator, also became rich by cultivating rare species of plants around the world. He was once recognized as an extinct plant – variegated turtle back. The market price of each leaf was as high as 12000 pounds, and he sold three leaves at one go.

The American Horticultural alliance estimates that American household expenditure on potting has risen by nearly 50% since 2016, and jumped by more than 12% year-on-year in 2020. The 2021 national gardening questionnaire in the United States found that the number of young gardeners aged 18-44 increased the most, and the number of millennials even surpassed that of baby boomers. According to homehow’s survey, at present, the most popular indoor green plant on instagram is cactus, with 23million Posts specifically targeting this thorny plant, followed by bulbus Cymbidium and Phyllostachys pubescens.

No matter what kind of self-made style, is blowing a great wave on social media: bringing nature indoors and attracting a large number of followers with a room like a private rainforest. With the emergence of more and more tools, people expect to get instant satisfaction from various apps on mobile phones. Dating, takeout, taxi and errand services have become simple and fast. In order to fight against the fast-paced digital life, young people began to learn to take care of indoor plants and gardening. It’s no big deal that they don’t have their own house or garden. They project their gardening ambitions into their own rooms.

Moreover, these activities are a great test of patience, and it is a very touching thing to witness the growth, prosperity and flowering of a life. “Especially after a long and dark winter, seeing the plants that I protect break through the earth brings me real joy.”

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