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Best Decoration_Elegant and luxurious American design

2022-08-132 minute read

In the design of the overall space, the designer mainly adopts the modern rural style, and the furniture used highlights the comfort of the material, so that the residents can feel the natural beauty of the ecological scenery, and enhance the physical sense of the residents.

In terms of color matching, it adheres to the visual comfort and adopts the decoration method of close combination of classical style and modern style, which interprets a kind of artistic sense of modern convenience in a leisurely and natural living state.

In details, the designer has exhausted his mind to carve every detail carefully, insisting on the natural color as the main color, taking green and light gray as the main color, so that the living room and dining room are naturally integrated together to create a natural, casual, free and comfortable atmosphere.

In order to show the fashionable atmosphere and not publicized decoration taste, some hanging pictures and artworks are added to the details to make the whole space more vivid and elegant, warm and beautiful, simple and charming.

In order to better reflect the leisure atmosphere and free and casual life state, in the guest restaurant on the second floor, with modern hanging pictures and American style furniture, a warm and soft home atmosphere is revealed.

In the overall space design, designers in order to make the overall design more rich, using different elements to make each part of the area show its different charm, but also concentrated on reflecting a natural ecological beauty.

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