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Beautiful house _ Design cases and pictures

2022-07-2651 second read

The newly renovated 400 square meter residence is located in Seattle, Washington, USA. Built in 1961, the layout and streamline of this house are not suitable for the new owner’s lifestyle. The owner hopes to increase the connection between the room and the outdoors. The core feature of the original design is a courtyard garden, which is mainly aligned with the living room space. The designer carefully reconsidered the opening around this space, making it a quiet courtyard of a beautiful house.

Not only the center of the living room, but also the entrance, daily circulation path and informal space of the family. Replace large-area floor glass windows extending from the floor to the ceiling. After making the floor, the original heating system pipes can be removed, which stretches the height of the whole ceiling and greatly reduces the energy consumption of the family.

The construction process of a beautiful house essentially consumes a lot of resources. Elegant design, creative thinking and elaborate architecture can make buildings consume less and have a longer service life.

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