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Australian modern villa

2022-08-292 minute read

In the design of this ancient classic house dating back to the Victorian back to the Victorian period, the design not only retains its classical elements, but also show the delicacy and durability of the building.The most striking is to enter the villa, you can see the outdoor garden surrounded by green plants, with the sun, around the central building spread out, very ceremonial sense.

Through the open dining room, as well as the indoor and outdoor no hard partition, the transparent visible, at the same time through the pure white and dark green collocation will show the luxury temperament.

In order to make the space less boring and boring, the designer set up a lot of hanging paintings, so that the artistic atmosphere of space suddenly thick, and ink marble enriched the white between the layers.In the design of the second floor, the pursuit of minimalism, designers retain the old era of carving ceiling, so that retro and innovation fusion is appropriate, by setting up modern furniture and soft clothing, can add enough brightness to the space.

Villa is also equipped with a private garage and small swimming pool, luxury, there are traces of the fine, beyond the eternity of the times, showing a rich.

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