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America’s famous natural life brand store _ Pistils Nursery

2022-09-173 minute read

This little flower shop called Pistils Nursery is no longer just a flower shop. The founder, Megan Twilegar, who loved gardening since he was a child, opened this small gardening shop in Portland in 2001 in the old city neighborhood by the Mississippi River in Portland.

Originally just to satisfy his desire to grow flowers and plants, it is now a well-known natural life brand in the United States, with 180,000 fans on instagram alone. “Pistil” is not just a gardening flower shop. Megan not only regards flowers, plants and trees as visual decorations, but also pays more attention to digging into people’s desire for nature. She develops a wild interest into creative products and hand-made products that are connected with life. crafts, etc.

The horticultural flower shop opened by Meghan, named “Pistil”, always makes people linger. The reason is that it reflects people’s yearning and emotion for nature. In the 200 years after the Industrial Revolution, technology has changed the way of life of human beings. The high-density urbanized living environment and the dense human dwellings have made human beings completely away from the beautiful nature. Humans living in dwellings can only rely on potted plants, flowers and succulents to understand their desire for nature.

Many guests come to the pistil flower shop, can stay here for a long time, and do not want to leave. Even when they leave, they hope that their city has such a unique flower shop. Since the establishment of this small shop in 2001, after Megan’s careful management, it has not only planted all kinds of flowers, plants and gardening potted plants that urbanites love, but also added many daily necessities related to nature.

“Pistil” has recently opened up online shopping channels, focusing on the theme of flowers and green plants, and introducing products related to nature, such as plant-dyed towels, table runners, potted plants in glass vases, kitchen utensils, and maintenance extracted from plants. products, bath products.

They found inspiration from natural materials, and through cooperation with artisans, they developed products with nature as the theme. The concept flower shop “Pistil” named after nature has gradually become a brand that people pursue natural healing.

Many people in China also want to open a flower shop, but they still stay at the level of visual appreciation and have no idea about the beauty of ecology, health, and daily life. Meghan’s flower shop focuses on the way people get along with the essence of nature, and the endless creativity from nature can naturally flourish, be fascinating, and finally become a successful natural brand store.

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