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290 ㎡ double storey luxury house, light luxury and retro

2022-08-132 minute read

The living room is mainly made of black marble. The lines on the marble match the walls of the simple style and are decorated with gold brass materials, which makes the whole living room rich in hierarchy.

The curved floor lamp strengthens the extension of the points and lines inside the space, making the whole space more open, spacious and bright. For the kitchen design, the designer adheres to the unique design style, using the elements of lamp belt and mirror, especially under the illumination of two straight light belts, a kind of artistic sense of reversal of direction is revealed.

The design of the spiral staircase is unique in the whole space design. The designer skillfully uses the design style of the paper clip to solve the problem of floor height, and connects the upper and lower floors of the area, and uses the alternation and interleaving of lines to design an entrance of the second floor space.

The design of the master bedroom shows dynamic beauty. The interior lines are strip-shaped. The use of French windows gives a broad vision. The arrangement of double beds is also very special, which makes users have a unique perspective from the inside out, so that they can enjoy a wider range of beautiful scenery.

Bathroom design is also very artistic, the bottom of the bathroom is luminous, the wall is broken style, the two form a sharp contrast. Designers use the light to illuminate the wall with mottled traces, which can produce the visual angle effect as if triggered by fire, which is very interesting.

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